Mexico – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Customer Service in Mexico… Patchy at best!

Nov 01, 2012 No Comments by

A friend of mine here in Puerto Vallarta once told me “there is no such concept as customer service in Mexico and in Puerto Vallarta it is even worse!” Damning words indeed. This is not true as Mexico has a clear idea of customer service since nearly every website, brochure or government office will somewhere champion the phrase “servicio al cliente”.

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Mexico – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – The US Brands Mexico A Failed State: Fair or Unfair? Why?

Oct 24, 2012 6 Comments by

No day passes without new press headlines about the dangers of life in Mexico. One day a drug cartel boss is caught, the next day he escapes: another month and another drug boss is killed but then his body is stolen. This is the ongoing fodder that the US press laps up with no sign of a slow down.

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