Is Chiang Mai An Ugly City With The Ugliest Girls In Thailand?

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Is Chiang Mai An Ugly City With The Ugliest Girls In Thailand?

Chiang Mai is a northern city in Thailand and Thailand’s second largest city after Bangkok.  Not much happens here as it is miles from the ocean and in the middle of nowhere.

There is a myth that the most beautiful girls in Thailand are from Chiang Mai.  This is a myth that might actually might be true, but the reality is that any beautiful Thai girl has long since left Chiang Mai!

Actually, Chiang Mai has to have the ugliest and fattest girls in Thailand.  That seems also to go for the guys.  I guess the pretty girls (and guys) are now in Bangkok as they certainly are not in Chiang Mai.

An average night out in Thailand’s arm-pit, aka Chiang Mai, will have you meet fat, spotty and even inbred looking girls but for sure no pretty ones.  On a recent trip with a female partner she told me “wow, where are all the handsome Thai guys?  Not in Chiang Mai, for sure….”

The reality is Chiang Mai is THE least attractive city in Thailand, if not Asia.  It has pollution for months on end as the farmers burn their crops off til the airport closes, the food is awful, even a so-called 5-star hotel is a mess, the city smells in most parts, and of course the people are really ugly.  Add to that, its STINKING hot in summer and miles from anywhere!

So when you read the reviews on the internet about retiring to Chiang Mai (Thailand’s best retirement gem, retire here on $550 USD a month, International Living’s best tip etc), going out to the best bars in Thailand (Chiang Mai Entertainment Complex – not or Soi Lor Khor etc) or sampling real northern food (yuk), think again!  The whole place just stinks in every sense!  Stay well away.  (Thailand has some great locations further south by the way)…

Harsh?  Yes.  Fair?  Well, yes….

What do you think?

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