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China – Beijing, China – China is the Fifth Reich and New Superpower as the US Declines…

Sep 03, 2012 6 Comments by

The Fifth Reich – The new era is coming… China and no more USA. Reich — ORIGIN German, ‘empire’ /rik, ri&ulkh;/ • noun the former German state, in particular the Third Reich (the Nazi regime, 1933-45). The First Empire happened a long time ago for most of us – before the birth of Christ. Otherwise known as the Greek Empire, it was created in 336 B.C. by Alexander the Great and the Greek Empire’s culture and language continued to dominate the world in a tangible way for about the next 300 years.

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USA – Sonoma, California – Has America become the most selfish country on Earth?…

Jul 09, 2012 6 Comments by

Sonoma may well be one of the nicest places on Earth to live. On a perfect summer’s day in June, who could argue. It is clean, elegant, safe and most of all so very, very friendly. There is something for everyone with nearby wineries and fantastic restaurants…

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UK – London, UK – No, The US Did Not Invent Music, We British Did!…

Jun 13, 2012 14 Comments by

USA – Los Angeles, California – No, The US Did Not Invent Music!… by The Guru I met a really obnoxious American the other day who really did think that music was invented in the USA.  I laughed so much my sides nearly split. I mean, “invented”?  I know what he meant with his limited [...]

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USA – Hollywood, USA – What Makes A Good Movie?…

Feb 13, 2011 2 Comments by

Following hot on the heels from the list of the 90 best books I wrote about recently, someone asked me to do the same for movies so here we go but I want to pose a few questions whilst writing this list. I have chosen mostly thrillers here as I was going through a “thriller phase” about two years ago when I started this list. It serves as a good survey of waht was around at the beginning of 2009 and before. It also highlights a few things I think are important ion movies but often get missed by the Hollywood studios (or rather they choose to focus on other things facets of the movie genre that cater to the mass audience that is the US consumer these days.

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