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Thailand – Bangkok, Thailand – My New Year Predictions for 2009…

Dec 21, 2008 No Comments by

The year of 2008 has been a remarkable one for the world and more so for Thailand in my opinion. Many international observers claim that the world has reached a point from which it cannot return and I believe Thailand has had an even more severe shock to the heart of its social fabric as well as its finances!

This short article is about two things: the events of 2008 and why they might have happened and the forecast for 2009 and how it might affect Thailand and its people. The focus as usual for me is on what motivates the behaviour and what effect the future will have on behaviour.

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Thailand – Bangkok, Thailand – A Beginners Guide to Thai Culture…

Dec 15, 2008 No Comments by

This story is an observation on Thai culture and its people, their day-to-day behaviour and their values. It is of course subjective but it is never meant to be derogatory or to make any value judgements. I say this at the outset as it is easy to be critical of a different culture and so easy to be critical of someone like me trying to put the differences into words. Please remember these are observations not judgements…

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